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Will Knicks’ Jeremy Lin’s Fire Dwindle or Continue to Surge?

Jeremy Lin, the New York Knicks point guard, has sparked quite a lot of attention as of late, and it has become deemed “Lin-sanity” and the “Lin-derella story of the NBA,” resulting in the catch phrase, “All he does is Lin, Lin, Lin.” So, it is only natural to make a comment—a rather lengthy one—on Jeremy Lin and his influence on the NBA.

Undrafted out of Harvard, assigned to the D-League multiple times, cut by the Warriors and the Rockets, and essentially overlooked by several teams, it was only due to a series of injuries of other Knicks players that Lin finally saw some playing time on February 4—playing time that has since helped to rejuvenate the Knicks.

Lin’s strong performances in his last seven starts and his humble demeanor have created a Lin phenomenon—something many sports critics and analysts are comparing to the Denver Broncos Quarterback, Tim Tebow, and the “Tebow-mania” phenomenon of the NFL. However, amidst strong performances, Lin is criticized for having too many turnovers, an inability to go left, an inconsistent jump shot, and the need to find a style of play that suites him—a pick-and-roll offense (which so happens to be D’Antoni’s preferred style of offense). Inconsistency. It’s leaking into “Linmania” just as it did Tebowmania. However, despite the criticism, Lin remains positive and humble and gives all the credit to the Lord and his teammates.

Will Lin stay hot, or will his fire dwindle as the season progresses? Sports analysts are torn, but fans remain optimistic and loyal. And the league? The NBA is enjoying the ride—The Knicks vs. Lakers game on February 10 became ESPN’s most-watched-Friday-night game this season with more than 3 million viewers stuck to their television screens. In addition, Lin’s jersey was the top-selling jersey from February 5-February 14, the Knicks were the top-selling team on and at the NBA Store on Fifth Avenue—resulting in an increase of 200% in sales from last year.

Due to his rapid rise in fame, Lin landed a 20-minute press conference to appease the media in which he stated that, ultimately, he hopes “Linsanity or whatever” will diminish and the New York Knicks as a team will rise to notoriety and win basketball games. This self-effacing attitude compliments Lin’s presence and play, which have helped to rekindle the Knicks’ chemistry and to bring more enthusiastic and hopeful fans into Madison Square Garden in New York.

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