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New Orleans Saints’ Fiasco Worse than New England Patriots’ Spygate in 2007

Goodell is absolutely going to make a statement with the New Orleans Saints and the bounty scandal.

In a time during which NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is buckling down on player safety and setting a high safety standard amongst players and teams by issuing large fines for “big hits” and instilling rules that better protect players, most people are speculating that the Saints’ punishment will be worse than that of the New England Patriots in 2007 (Spygate), which consisted of a $250,000 fine to the Patriots, a $500,000 fine to Bill Belichick, and a docking of the team’s first-round draft pick—some of the largest fines and punishments in NFL history thus far. Until now.

In addition to probably receiving the most severe fines and punishments in NFL history, now it is being discussed that certain NFL players who have played against the Saints in the last three years and received injuries during those games are considering filing lawsuits against the Saints.


Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who was the administrator of the bounty system—the Saints’ Bounty Hunter, if you will—will be suspended, but placing the blame solely on him is insufficient. Many are discussing how head coach Sean Payton and General Manager Mickey Loomis should be fired for their “stupidity and arrogance” in not preventing the Saints’ bounty program, in which Saints players were awarded $1,500 for a knockout of a player on the opposing team and $1,000 for a hit that resulted in the opposing player to being carted off the field. By not stopping the bounties, Payton and Loomis essentially encouraged it.

Criticism of the Saints and the bounty system are rapidly spreading throughout the sports world. However, many people, including former Redskins’ safety Matt Bowen, declare that most NFL teams have some type of a bounty system, and he has no regrets for participating in one himself—although he stated, “It’s an ugly tradition. I’m not proud of it. But the NFL is a small window of opportunity. The normal rules don’t apply.” Trying to justify essentially putting a “hit” on an opposing player and attempting to inflict pain and serious harm seems mind-blowing. But many people are taking this side of “it happens all throughout the NFL. The Saints just got caught first.” Well, yes. The Saints may have gotten caught first. And because of this, they are going to receive the most severe, outstanding punishments.

Goodell is absolutely going to make a statement with the New Orleans Saints and the bounty scandal.


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